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Feds Education sit as the chair for both City & Guilds Hairdressing and Barbering with The MHfed and The hairFED, a collective of educators who have over 100 years of experience between them delivering education worldwide


Founded in 2013, the Men’s Hairdressing Federation (MHfed) is an organisation that strives for professionalism, continual professional development and raising of standards throughout the Barbering and Male hairdressing industry. The hairFED was later developed and built on the natural progression into the sector for education in ladies hairdressing and to help grow the standards with our partners.

Feds Education collaborate with major global brands and have come up with many exciting courses with a unique way of learning new and varied skills to enhance your Hairdressing and Barbering, whilst maximizing time – In-House, In-Class or On-Line.

Combined, Feds Education offer full Framework Qualifications and bespoke units tailored to suit the customers needs. We also have online educational resources, a business and college hub along with up to date industry news to assist our learners throughout their journey. We believe that great solid education and techniques are the key to everything!

There are so many fantastic hairdressers putting their content out on line now it is hard to keep up and a student or stylist could easily become overwhelmed and therefore give out the feeling of unattainability.

Trust us when we say that we have all been there and bought the t-shirt! We’ve all been in a class and felt like a lemon!

We have been involved with the pioneering of online education since 2007 and have seen many things evolve, change, grow and of course disappear. That’s the online world we live in! We have recognised that there is a massive difference between watching someone do something great online and actually doing it yourself in the salon where you work every day and with a time limit! It’s about managing expectations, yours and the clients and remember- client is always king.

Our courses aim to deliver everything that you will need to succeed in today’s busy salons. All of our sectioning patterns are quick and easy to put in and easy to follow therefore making them quick to master.

Foundation, Creative, Technical and Specialist courses are all coming for you to explore in both cut and colour. Our Fresh On The Floor course is also on its way! For all the Boys and for all the Girls!

Feds Education is a special opportunity for colleges and learners of all years and stages, to experience a fresh and innovative perspective of todays education and training, trend spotting and updating key industry knowledge that will set the precedent.

We will continue to work with leading industry magazines, producing Front Covers for the National Apprentice Barbers and Hairdressers via our competitions.

Whether you are pursuing education with the MHfed into Barbering and men’s hairdressing or with the hairFED into ladies, we have the courses for you. Once you have mastered something you will naturally want to sail into trickier, choppier waters which is fantastic because you will have the confidence t do so.

It’s ALL about KIS! KEEP IT SIMPLE! The world is changing and we all need to change with it or get left behind!

“Education, Motivation and Inspiration are the three keys to success.” –
Our Feds Education philosophy.
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I can’t thank the MHfed enough for their contribution to the industry and allowing me to display my work for the very first time and gave me the opportunity to grow into an international platform artist. They were the gateway that enabled me to pursue my dreams within this industry. Along with our recent collaboration helping newcomers to the industry they are always a step ahead leaving the industry in a better way than they found it.

Josh LamonacaCo-director, MENSPIRE Male Image & Grooming