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Academy Day with Junior HD CUTZ


Freehand Course / 1 day course 10-4pm with Junior at HD CUTZ London


Freehand Course / 1 day course 10-4pm with Junior at HD CUTZ London


Ever wondered the techniques behind freehand Afro sculpturing, then this course is for you. In this course you will learn the secrets behind the art of freehand barbering, including creating the most famous Microphone hairstyle & the 1980s famous Flat top haircut, this course will help you build your confidence and give you a great insight on how to approach these creative hairstyles.


Learning objectives:

During our comprehensive course you will:

  • Learn how to comb through Afro hair on a Afro mannequin.
  • How best to hold clippers.
  • How to adjust clipper lever when sculpturing.
  • Best products to use.
  • How to sponge twist hair effectively.
  • Learn how to scissor a full Afro mannequin.
  • Styling into shape.

Tools on the day:

Afro head mannequin your standard adjustable clipper, clipper guards & a pair of scissors.

Educators HD Cutz & Dialacut Barbers.

Courses take place twice per month – Minimum learners required 4* Maximum Learners per session 6

*We reserve the right to postpone courses until the minimum amount of[+places have been taken.
Once you have paid please fill out this form in order for us to contact you discuss your requirements and book the date of your attendance.


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